mercredi 30 octobre 2013

Ottawa, ville sismique ?

A really big earthquake would hit Ottawa hard

Tom Spears, Ottawa Citizen, 29 oct. 2013

«Sooner or later, an earthquake much bigger than the magnitude 5.0 event of 2010 will hit Ottawa hard enough to do major damage to our oldest buildings.

“These earthquakes have low probability, but should they happen they would have major consequences,” earthquake engineer Jay Guin said Tuesday in Ottawa.

“There will be a lot (of the city) still standing. That’s the good news,” he said. “However there will be significant damage to older construction, masonry construction in particular. Within Ottawa we expect really the damage to be the old infrastructure or buildings.»

«A lot (of the city) still standing.» Ils savent trouver les mots qu'il faut pour rassurer... Je crois que parmi les «older constructions» qui ne resteraient pas debout, il faut compter le Parlement lui-même. (Voir cet ancien billet, deuxième image.)

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